Oh nuqta, you magical little dot, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

One, typographically, you stand defiant at the end of each sentence, clearly and resolutely announcing the end of one thought and teasing the potential for a new one. Two, cartographically, you are a point in space and a location on a map.
Three, conversationally, you are the topic, the locus, and the essence of a subject of debate. Four, mathematically, you are the Arabic symbol for that all-powerful number which adds nothing
to everything and multiplies everything to nothing, the zany zero.
And now, five, app-tastically, you are a mobile app and website dedicated to showcasing Arabic calligraphy found anywhere in the world.

“Words pervade our society,” said Nuqta co-founder and professional calligrapher Soraya Syed. “We are surrounded by words, by writing, expressed in calligraphy and typography, wherever we look: in advertising, art and publishing, on the streets, in movies and television, in graffiti and across the internet.”

See some cool graffiti on a concrete wall off the coast of Qatar? Snap the photo through the app, type in a description, drop a nuqta on the map, and upload. Now it’s in their archives, plotted on an interactive map of the world that you can find at www.nuqta.com. Interested people can comment and dialog with you about what you just posted, and perhaps even offer their expertise.

“We thought it would be a good idea to create a global digital resource accessible to everybody who is interested in Arabic calligraphy and typography, ranging from classically trained calligraphers, fine artists, graffiti artists and professional designers to scholars, researchers and art lovers.” said Syed.

Nuqta is a vault of knowledge open to the public. It is a community-run virtual museum curated by the community at large, giving them a space to geek out about awesome and happenstance occurrences of calligraphy and typography wherever they may find it. Download it now and get snapping!

Nuqta is the brainchild of Syed and her husband Mukhtar Sanders, and was developed by Sanders’ graphic design company, Inspiral Design Limited. You can download the app for iPhone and iPad.