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'Messages' A Powerful Exhibition by Nasser Al Aswadi

Nasser Al Aswadi “Messages, Rasayhil” reveals subtly in layers the abyssal depths of humanity. Powerful and gentle, as a spiritual art writing to our soul, to our heart, to our mind and to our eyes. Abundance, generosity, humility, authenticity are all adjectives that characterise the work of Nasser Al Aswadi, a discreet artist who invites us to loo[...]

The aura Design Competition

The aura Design Competition, in association with Saudi Design Week, has annouced the winning de- sign and the three finalists. The winning design will be produced by aura and exhibited at Saudi De- sign Week 2015. The winning designer is Noura AlKharashi. Her design will be publicized in the next few months as the production starts with aura. The two runner[...]


Over 200 art lovers came together at Alaan Artspace, in Riyadh, on the night of Tuesday, June 3rd, to appreciate the fine art of Saudi photography, and to contribute to a worthy cause. Riyadh+Acumen, a volunteer chapter in support of Acumen, organized the 2nd DIGNITY exhibit, which was curated by Banafsajeel, a cultural plat- form facilitating the exchange [...]