The “buy local” movement sweeping across the global food industry has agreeably spilled over to the art world as well, including the regional art scene, which has noticeably been nurturing homegrown talent more closely. A recent project by Dubai’s unique art and design space, Capsule Arts Studio, presents an interesting slant on the “foster the local arts” approach. The Al Quoz based outlet for the UAE’s creative community has launched a new platform to buy art through a limited edition art print collection and bespoke artist commissions, supporting local artists across the GCC.

To bring the cutting edge artwork series to fruition, Capsule Arts collaborated with an impressive roster of 18 artists hailing from different corners of the world, yet each of whom lives, works and creates art in the Arab Gulf. Middle Eastern talent, together with artists from the UK, U.S., Canada, India as well as Australia, all display their labors of love for the Gulf nations, with a faithful concentration on the UAE. Each artist individually expresses how his/her life is rooted in and around the UAE and Gulf.

Emirati artists Mohammad Al Qassab and Khalid Mezaina brilliantly manifest that, the former through an abstractly delightful cityscape and the latter with a dainty prayer rug that symbolizes the predominantly practiced Islamic religion. Jordanian- British artist Julia Ibbini, who is based in Abu Dhabi, demonstrates her high regard for the UAE capital and the Gulf by and large with a strikingly colorful arabesque motif, while Australian expat artist Kathryn Ryan drives her message home with a unpretentious black and white lantern.

In diversity we trust Comprised of 78 pieces, wherein each artist has produced two to six artworks, the collection is currently available to browse and purchase through the studio’s online store and soon at distinctive popup exhibitions and events throughout the UAE. “Our varied portfolio of artists will cater to all tastes and budgets, from artist commissions and original artworks, to the limited edition prints, which will add vibrancy and meaning to any home or office,” explains Capsule Arts co-founder Rachael Brown. “Each artist has a unique, yet flexible style and each brings … a fresh approach to art in the local market. Our range of prints allows those new to the art world an easy step into building their personal art collections without risking a significant financial undertaking,” she adds.