These days it’s all about the fast life; drive-throughs, coffee to go, jetting in and out barely catching your breath… it all gets so tiring sometimes that you just want to toss those pesky paper coffee cups aside (we’re not crazy, the heat still penetrates through the cup sleeves).  Luxury is all about slowing it all down a notch, or halt it all together.

After much demand, Yibreen Spa’s own coffee shop re-launched in January 2009 with a whole new menu of beverages and light snacks keeping in tow with the healthy lifestyle that you lead. The menu will puzzle you with its multitude of variety. Why don’t you try one of the many health-boosting, energizing or cleansing juices?  A fresh blend of beetroot, orange, carrot and spinach will give you the right amount of energy before your workout. After all, beetroots are rich in iron, folic acid and antioxidants; it also stores high levels of nitrates which defend the body against hypertension and help the body protect itself against a whole myriad of diseases and infections. If you’re stepping out of your workout then stop by for your protein shake to give you that extra kick. The coffee shop, which is now located right across the swimming pool, is a haven to all its goers whether it is simply for coffee, after a great workout session or even while waiting to start a treatment at the spa.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself immersed in an atmosphere oozing with relaxation, serenity and most of all privacy. You’re chilling outside looking onto the pool while the tentative staff polish and buff your cuticles in their specialized manicure and pedicure chairs. Have an urgent need to check your email? Then don’t fret as the center is equipped with free Wi-Fi and with one click you are all set.

Feel generous and want to share the secret of your new hot spot? Then why don’t you invite your friends for a morning coffee where you can just sit, relax and enjoy each other’s company without a care in the world.

The fragrance of the spa will no doubt awaken your senses and leave you with a sense of joie de vivre while you slurp slowly on your coffee waiting for your next relaxing treatment. What’s the time you ask? Who cares; the world has stopped still.

Yibreen Spa

Open Saturday to Thursday: 10am – 10pm

Tel: (01) 441-1115