Launch of New Jewelry Line in the Middle East Epitomizes New Trend towards Social Responsibility amongst Emerging Entrepreneurs

The world is at a tipping point. Overpopulation has created a multiplier effect with regards to the needs of the underprivileged. Foundations and charities can no longer handle the multitude of requirements essential to the livelihood of underprivileged communities across the globe. The responsibility to help these individuals in need is now being shouldered by the new generation of entrepreneurs, who view accountability as an integral part of their business operations.

Nothing exemplifies this better than the recently launched bespoke jewelry company, Sheen. Established this year by budding designer Nosheen Baksh, Sheen’s modest beginnings would have never predicted its current success. What started as a university project in 2010, flourished in three short years into a thriving business venture with a continuously growing fan base.


Combining modern and traditional influences to create breathtaking designs that are both functional and fashionable, Sheen’s collection of jewelry is inspired by the designer’s eclectic lifestyle. Native to Kashmir, yet a citizen of Saudi Arabia, the young entrepreneur has integrated the heritage of both cultures into her classically elegant pieces. Using high quality silver and zircon, the collection includes designs that make bold statements, as well as more subtle styles for customers who prefer a more delicate touch. The second collection, available soon, will incorporate the use of 18 carat gold and diamonds to create an additional ‘wow’ factor to Sheen’s jewelry line.

Every piece is handmade, avoiding capitalistic mass production techniques, to maintain exclusivity and provide a differentiating element to Sheen’s collection.

Orders can even be customized according to the personal preferences of clients. Every item has a wonderful story behind its creation and a Sheen design can often be spotted from a distance, standing out for its quality, motif and materials.

Not content with simply crafting unique designs, Nosheen wanted to do more than merely establish a lucrative jewelry line. Her ambitions included giving back to those less fortunate, a mindset embedded
after numerous visits to her indigenous and war torn state of Kashmir. After observing the brutality of war, and the effects that it has on the region’s inhabitants, Nosheen wanted to incorporate a way to support those who cannot support themselves into her enterprise. Further encouraged to implement a philanthropic facet to her business as a result of her father, a notable doctor in the Kingdom, who has always involved his children in charitable endeavors and instilled a strong sense of gratitude and humility in his offspring, Nosheen decided to show her support for aid organizations by donating 10% of all sales proceeds to a select charity of her choice – currently Medisans Sans Frontieres (also commonly known as Doctors Without Borders). An obvious choice that hits close to home given her father’s career, MSF is a Nobel-prize winning institution that provides healthcare services to remote locations and politically unstable nations that suffer from life threatening diseases.

Constantly on the lookout for new foundations to support, Sheen welcomes customer feedback and collaborates with clients on identifying organizations to contribute towards. The primary objective
is to seek out charities that do not garner much public attention, in order to bring augmented awareness to causes that are underrepresented in our modern society. True to the brands tag line, Sheen truly represents the concept of “Small Purchases, Big Changes”.

With the company’s online order system, that delivers globally, anyone worldwide can help make a difference to the lives of those who need it  most. Through a simple purchase, not only will you benefit your accessories closet, but you will also provide essential health services to communities who would otherwise be bereft of such amenities.

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