On January 12, 2002, the Bahraini cultural scene was taken to new heights with the opening of Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al-Khalifa Center for Culture and Research. A fusion of modern and traditional architecture, the beautiful building is set on the land of the original majlis of Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa in Muharraq. The center’s mission — to be a forum for debate and exchange on current cultural, social and political issues — has been cemented through the activities of more than two hundred artists, speakers, philosophers, and poets thus far. Abdullah Al Zayed House For Bahraini Press Heritage & Extension was the first restoration project undertaken by the center. The 100-year old building is the house of the founder of the first weekly newspaper in Bahrain and the Gulf. The main objective of the house is to preserve Bahrain’s press heritage.


The Mohammed Bin Faris Sut Music House was the second restoration project; it was dedicated to a Bahraini singer who is a master of a unique Arabian Gulf type of music. Through his compositions, he added a personal Bahraini touch to this art form, and gained much respect and reputation as a pioneer in the Sut music. Poetry lovers will be excited about the Ibrahim Al Arrayed House of Poetry, named after a famous Bahraini poet; it was restored in 2006, and houses a large collection of the works of the region’s most prominent poets. It is highly regarded as a cultural center for poetic events.

Also a part of the project is Kurar House, which houses a distinctive style of Bahraini embroidery. In this building, elderly Bahraini ladies teach younger generations how to master this art in order to preserve it. The center plays a major role in supporting the artisans in the marketing and selling of their work. The newest restoration project undertaken by Shaikh Ebrahim Center is Memory of the Place-Bin Matar House. This architectural beauty reflects the Bahraini identity through its design concept. It is in memory of the Bin Matar family and the history of pearling in Bahrain. It also acts as an exhibition space housing contemporary Bahraini art and ongoing art exhibitions.For a coffee break, you have a choice of a modern coffee shop under the name House of Coffee. It’s situated in a traditional Bahraini house, but decorated in luxurious modern interiors. Or, to re-live a very traditional Bahraini experience that was once preserved for men only, try the Bukhalaf Traditional coffee shop. It’ll be a tough choice between a modern menu of distinctive desserts or a traditional cup of tea the old Bahraini way. Those two choices sum up the area perfectly, a unique and magical blend of old and new.

The Information Center

First time visitors and tourists are advised to go directly to the information center where they will find a map of the area and the exact location of the traditional houses. The information center also provides a calendar of events and other materials that might be of interest.