If you’ve ever met Badeeh Abla,creator of Blue House and No Brand Agency in Beirut, and we really think you should, you’ll quickly notice that creativity run in his blood. His house,whichis also his design studio, oozes of details envisioned and created by Badeeh.

He’s so popular in our office that he has a cult following and a jingle to go along with his name.But enough about that– we’re here to talk about the sculptures.

Badeeh Abla adds sculptor to his long list of titles. Abla,designed and sculpted a series of pomegranate sculptures bringing history, research and his creative flare to this much-loved fruit.

We caught up with Badeeh to learn more about these unique sculptures and the influences behind them.

You are known to many for your extraordinary digital skills – how do you define yourself (an artist, designer, sculptor, etc)?

It is true. I got to be known first for my digital and design wonders for international accounts such as Elie Saab and Bugatti and many more this has lead to the creation of my agency Nobrand Agency as a luxury branding agency. Moreover, I believe in one simple truth, which is “Design is One”. And I believe in the ability of any great designer to cross into different disciplines of design.

Does design play an important role in your artwork either conceptually or in its execution phases?
As for me I live surrounded by my designs, I have successfully created my haven at the Blue house. I bounce from mood to conceptual design as I see fit. I am also very good at following up the development of my designs.

One of your most popular series of artworks are the series of pomegranate sculptors that you created. Can you tell us more about the reason why you chose the pomegranate? Pomegranates is a very well known symbol of good luck and prosperity. It was a very big challenge to start with a some how an overly used shape in Turkey or Greece and then just take it to another level that was never seen before, and this led for my name to be known as the pomegranate designer in the region and the world.

I am very glad that I did this step, first as a challenge that I could do something unseen from something that is overly seen. And this was a very big challenge, to mould the ordinary and make it unique. It proved to me and many others that things that surround us are still very rich and the perspective of seeing things is endless.

From Badeeh Abla's Pom Series

From Badeeh Abla’s Pom Series

Did you mean to create a whole series of pomegranate sculptor or did that organically evolve over time?
I am a very clear and focused designer and artist in direction. I knew from day one that I wanted to become the pomegranate designer and I dedicated my skills and energy towards that goal, and shortly things where blossoming and more sculptures were born.

Do you have a favorite pomegranate and why?
Well, one of my favourite pomegranates was the rope sailing pomegranate, it is very complex and at the same time very elegant and strong. Another one will be Akna pomegranate, which is very conceptual reflecting fertility as one of the meanings of this fruit.

Through that series, you worked with several different mediums. Which of these mediums did you enjoy the most? Are there any other mediums that you are interested in experimenting with?

The first collection was the mixed media collection. The second collection was clay on a wood heart, which is a rare technique that I enjoyed and it went well very nicely I still have very few pieces. I am currently under going the production with an Italian team for a bronze series of sculptures that will be exhibited in London in the next coming months.

Did Blue House play a significant part in inspiring the Pomegranate series and other artworks?
The Blue house is my art haven, it inspires and soothes me up, it is the factor Y of my designs. And it makes me understand the concept of “design as one”, linked to all the details of our daily life. Starting from the morning, where I go to prepare some fresh breakfast for my team to the afternoon, where I enjoy my white coffee under the Bougainvillea trees.

What’s next for your artworks? any exhibitions lined up?
I am awaiting anxiously for my new bronze sculptures to be ready and then I will do UK, LA and NY.

Where do you see Badeeh the Artist in the next few years?
I am a very modest person with a very solid confidence and at the same time with an ambitious vision for the future. I believe that the world belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.