Cork, clay, foam, polyester, plastic and others, is what you see when first visiting designer Benjamin Hubert’s studio online. On that image the copy reads “Materials Driven”. The photograph then cross fades to another, this time reading “Process Led”, and yet another, “Industrial Design”.

Materials Driven. Process Led. Industrial Design. – This is Benjamin Hubert’s vision or motto, and one that seems to attract a dedicated team of designers working under his leadership in northeast London, across a range of sectors including furniture, lighting, consumer goods, architectural installations and art direction. Putting together such a team is not an easy job, he explains later, as so many of Benjamin Hubert’s creations are unusual, yet functional and often environmental friendly.

A young and talented creative, Hubert was born in England and completed his studies at Loughborough University. At the age of 30 he has exhibited and been acclaimed internationally and his studio has received various reputable awards, amongst them Design of the Year (British Design Awards 2010) and Homes and Gardens Furniture Designer of the Year 2012.

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His studio challenges the ordinary use of materials, thecommon practices of construction, and contextualization.

Benjamin Hubert’s appearance, posture and how he expresses himself are identical to his brand designs: clean, elegant, honest. Benjamin Hubert creates timeless objects that do not respond to trends or fashion but rely on usability analysis, interaction, materiality, sustainability and a process of visual reduction. – The brand

How would you define yourself as a designer and the design you create?
BH: Well, we are industrial designers, we design things for industries, things that are produced in multiples, batch or mass produced, we do things that are functionally interesting or have some kind of challenging performance, and from an aesthetics point of view are reduced and have a modern language. We work quite in a specific way, which means analysing and researching some of the properties of the materials and constructions we’re using to try and find new performances in the products that we design.

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