Metamorphosis is the latest collection from Lebanese designer Rani Zakhem. A woman goes through numerous metamorphosis in all the different moments in her life, from dawn till dusk, from youth to maturity – this is the source of inspiration of Rani Zakhem ’s Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Couture Collection.

A strong heartfelt attraction to black tulle embroidered with red lace translates into a floral enchantment resulting in bold effects of cuts and textures, which are enhanced by the refinement of colors and fabrics. The tint of dawn, borrowed from summer’s last clouds flushed by the first rays of sun, reflects this particular incarnation of youth painters nicknamed “cuisse de nymphe”, “nymph’s thigh”. It is precisely this very pale shade of pink, very fresh, very sensual, found in dresses evoking the blossoming of a woman and her awakening sensuality.

Through an allegorical collection, Rani Zakhem illustrates the metamorphosis of a woman, from candor to passion, from budding to blossoming, at the pace of luminous cycles of days and seasons.