When young artists initially start their artistic journey, they are driven by the struggle of their daily lives to make it in the art world. This struggle usually adds to their creative freedom. How do you stay true to your creativity and push the boundaries when you have become financially secure? Or does this aspect have a different influence on your artistic journey?

Whether it is out of luck or misfortune, I have grown up in an era where it is considered natural to struggle with a variety of issues. For me, living in Iran (Tehran) is a conscious controversy.

What circumstances have influenced your work?

Cultural conflict, immediate alteration and dynamism.

What is art to you?

A personal manifestation towards vicissitudes.

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Art combines philosophy, psychology, physics, and so much more. How do you start your working process? Do you set out what you want to achieve beforehand or do you just go with an initial idea and then develop it as you move along?

My work is formed in both ways. It has often been based on an idea or an action. More recently I have worked more spontaneously. Furthermore, I personally believe, whether it regards a subject I have planned or not, it is through uninterrupted intuition that one’s aims and outcomes are guided.

Art is about dialogue and the interactions it creates. How important is the feedback of the community to you? Ultimately, is art in the object you create or what it creates in the viewer of your artwork?

To me, persistence is a flaw. I believe the persistent search for individuality or self-satisfaction without considering the outside world uninspired and uncanny.

Which contemporary artists do you admire?

 Various artists. But these days, they are mostly artists who used to be less familiar or intimate to me.

What advice would you give upcoming artists in our region?

In my opinion, in order to achieve a personal langue, there should first be an absolute recognition of the outside world. Once an artist works through that, he or she will be led into areas of transformation.