Farasan Island

Thousands of years ago, when the ice age was coming to an end, many geological upheavals came to place; such as the one that caused the Red Sea to deposit salt domes to push up against existing coral reefs creating the Farasan Bank. Let’s break this down slowly so no one gets confused; the Farasan Bank is a shoal 100 kilometers wide and 800 kilometers down t[...]


KBT KONCEPT is a new underground,“Alternative Abaya” brand inspired by Dubai’s hidden industrial areas, where factories and auto repair shops operate side by side with the city’s edgy emerging arts and culture landscape.The experimental designs are an ode to the imperfect beauty of the energetic, ever-expanding metropolis. The bold collection is g[...]


Manousheh, a Lebanese bakery aiming to enlighten and delight customers by serving traditional flatbreads, is the dream child of Ziyad Hermez. Ziyad Hermez moved to New York to pursue a tech-based career path, however his goals changed after embarking on a culinary journey to bake the perfect authentic Lebanese manousheh. After 10 year[...]


  Lebanese fashion designer Krikor Jabotian’s latest collection evokes light in its most romantic aspects: “A light shining from afar illuminated the dark waters of LakeVan. Every night he swam towards the light that shined devotedly for him. Her faint sil- houette appeared. There she was, Princess Tamar awaiting him. Never forsaking their l[...]


If you’ve ever met Badeeh Abla,creator of Blue House and No Brand Agency in Beirut, and we really think you should, you’ll quickly notice that creativity run in his blood. His house,whichis also his design studio, oozes of details envisioned and created by Badeeh. He’s so popular in our office that he has a cult following and a jingle to go along with[...]


Buthaina Al Mazrui and Alamira Noor Bani Hashim have been hosting the most exclusive pop-up dinners in the UAE. We catch up with The Dinner Club 57’s foodies to talk about their success and the opening of No. 57 Cafe in Abu Dhabi. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Buthaina: I consider myself a huge foodie! I’ve always liked trying new things, exploring [...]

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