When young artists initially start their artistic journey, they are driven by the struggle of their daily lives to make it in the art world. This struggle usually adds to their creative freedom. How do you stay true to your creativity and push boundaries when you have become financially secure? Or does this aspect have a different influence on your artistic journey?

The focus of an artist’s life is to create art works. This means that in the beginning we have to understand the conventions of living as an artist in order to be able to create art works. A work of art is unique and inventive when the artist is a sincere and unique individual. An artist who draws inspiration from personal growth and artistic intuition as opposed to financial demands or social needs ultimately creates distinctive works.

What circumstances have influenced your work?

Social and family life, political changes, and personal interests are all influential in an artist’s life and her or his works. All these elements have affected my life and work tremendously. My love of nature and the relationship between people and nature, and the combination of these two sources, have influenced my work during the different stages of my life.

What is art to you?

For me art is life, and life is movement, growth, invention, diligence and discovery. In fact, art is not a part of life but encompasses all of life.

Art combines philosophy, psychology, physics, and so much more. How do you start your working process? Do you set out what you want to achieve beforehand or do you just go with an initial idea and then develop it as you move along?

These subjects, as well as other themes and issues, have inspired my work. During the different periods of my art, many of my paintings were created through experimentation. Sometimes, my initial idea and plan is executed in exactly the way I had intended, but, at other times, while I am working, some technical modification may occur, and the outcome expresses a unique aim. In fact, such modifications are ultimately derived from the same ideas I initially planned for the work, but are expressed differently from what I had in mind.

Art is about dialogue and the interactions it creates. How important is the feedback of the community to you? Ultimately, is art in the object you create or what it creates in the viewer of your artwork?

In my opinion, the visual language of art is a global language. An artist’s work reflects her or his society and heritage. An artist communicates ideas about her or his environment, ugliness and beauty, sadness and happiness, suffering and all other feelings through their art. Ultimately, an artist’s purpose is to review and relate the impact and repercussions of society’s actions.

Which contemporary artists do you admire?

With today’s diverse means of communication and greater cultural awareness, there are many contemporary artists not only painters whom I admire.

What advice would you give upcoming artists in our region?

We currently live in an age, which is full of activity, excitement and dynamism, particularly in our region, which provides very good opportunity for the younger generation of artists. By reflecting on our historical past and looking at contemporary world, we are able to create an artistic history particular to our generation.