There are a handful of adjectives that can be thought of when thinking of the city of Jubail in Saudi Arabia, and creative is not one of them. This might all change with our latest and newest obsession.

Young and highly talented illustrator and experimental artist Mona AlQahtani has got us hooked with her witty and beautifully executed illustrations that marry the contemporary with the traditional. Her sketchbook is full of colorful studies of everything from iconic images of celebrities, clowns, objects right down to colorful sketches of her cat Madame Elle. Obsessed with fashion, digital illustrations and Middle Eastern and oriental art, Mona draws inspiration from art giants such as Egon Schiele, Frida Kahlo and Gustav Klimt.


When did you first pick up a pencil?
Drawing is a thing that I have been doing all through out my life, but starting from 2006 I started concentrating on shaping my talent.

How would you describe yourself?
I love that I am experimenting with different techniques and materials. No limitations, no rules I would like to think I’m a little bit of everything.

Why did you decide to document your love for fashion through pencil and paper?
I often find myself inspired by fashion, and believe me some designers just don’t give me the choice but to be moved! All the details, cuts and colors. I mean think about it! They get to choose what each character in this big theatre of life will wear!

Do you aim to build a narrative in your work and how far does reality influence your work?
I don’t think that I intend it to reflect a whole “story”, maybe a thought or a feeling or just an idea that might be translated by the viewer who felt it one day. I guess it depends on what inspires me to make it!

What do you hope to capture in your illustration?
I like to capture the details of anything and everything… The things that will last forever… The beauty of it!

What is your process? How do you decide what to draw or illustrate?
I guess I just feel it and it wows me! I can’t help but do it.

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