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Nasser Al Aswadi
“Messages, Rasayhil” reveals subtly in layers the abyssal depths of humanity.
Powerful and gentle, as a spiritual art writing to our soul, to our heart, to our mind and to our
Abundance, generosity, humility, authenticity are all adjectives that characterise the work of
Nasser Al Aswadi, a discreet artist who invites us to look deep within ourselves.
He marries his colours in written paintings, written in geometry, descending from heaven, finding

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Architect of his universe, the word is his construction tool, a space geometry, where the full and
the emptiness find their proper place.
The word is like a generous rain, misty like a cloud, dense as Earth.
The word dances, flies, twirls and spins like a whirling dervish.
The word, infinitely repeated, like a mantra, is a deep wish addressed to the universe …
He uses calligraphy which is then transported into a more abstract realm to give it an ethereal

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Human destiny is in our hands and yet what have we done for our planet?
“That’s enough!” He pulls an alarm signal shouting his exasperation with a world gone mad.
Uprooted artist, Nasser humbly evokes nostalgia for the distance from his family, his culture and
his country ..
Messenger of Hope, he reminds us with humility to seek in ourselves: Love, Peace, Respect, and
Tolerance …
Let us open our eyes ! Let us open our hearts !

‘Messages’ Exhibition
Artist Nasser Al Aswadi
April 28 – May 12, 2016
3191 Al-Matt’haf Ln, Al Balad District
Jeddah 22236 7370