The UAE is a country filled with talent, ideas and creative people. Emarati artists have come a long way and have generated buzz throughout the UAE. In one of the Emirates, Maitha Demithan a talented young artist, who has participated in numerous exhibitions and won many awards, resides in her studio that was specially built to house her beautiful madness and creativity.

As I stepped into her studio, I was fascinated by Maitha sitting amidst her work carefully putting together a scan of someone she recently scanned. As I looked around her studio, I saw photographs of things that inspired her: paint tubes, canvases, scanners, brushes, books and over all a space that made me feel that this was definitely where one would simply let go and start something creative. I purposely decided to interview Maitha in her studio for her to be comfortable and for me to understand her work better.

What does art mean to you?

Art to me is essential. I believe it is a necessity to every society and a way to communicate to a larger audience. It is a way for the artist to speak through time. To me, art is a product of play and exploration. It teaches us how to look at life in a different perspective and keep our minds flexible. An artist’s studio is also a piece of artwork – one that is in constant change and interaction.

When did you start pursuing art?

My thoughts and feelings arise from the world in which I live, the environment I work in and most importantly, the people I am close to. I try to live each moment as it comes – fully with undivided attention – and feel that my art pieces reflect this. The deconstruction and reconstruction in my works are a reflection of my journeys, my own personal struggles to understand my state of being and my place and role in this world. Creating art is a way for me to connect, to share and to celebrate feelings, emotions, experiences, and ideas. I have grown into the arts. I have always been attracted to it because I feel that I fit and can be myself when I am practicing art. I enjoy exploring different mediums and seeing which ones would express an idea best. I tend to focus on art very much and always put it as a priority, but I am trying to convince myself that art is a support system to my life, and is not the reason I live.

As for the future, I take each moment as it comes. I do know that I will always be on a journey of self-discovery via creating art. I also want to develop my fine art skills particularly in oil painting. I hope to continue my education with a Master’s degree.

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