KBT KONCEPT is a new underground,“Alternative Abaya” brand inspired by Dubai’s hidden industrial areas, where factories and auto repair shops operate side by side with the city’s edgy emerging arts and culture landscape.The experimental designs are an ode to the imperfect beauty of the energetic, ever-expanding metropolis.

The bold collection is grounded in rich regional heritage yet reflects today’s lifestyle and is meant to be worn by the woman who has a strong sense of her own individuality. Construction is from unexpected materials like transpar- ent PVC plastic, leather, denim, and even plain white cotton. These creative elements are sourced in markets all over the world and brought to the brand’s Dubai atelier.


While the classic abaya tends to be feminine and soft, KBT KONCEPT alternative abayas are highly structured, with each study falling under one of three design principles: asymmetric,shorter in length,or“as it is”.The abayas often incorporate touches of contemporary embroidery, adding to the feeling that the looks are functional works of art.

This Autumn/Winter 14-15 is the brand’s debut collection. KBT KONCEPT is also part of Not Just A Label, a leading platform for showcasing and nurturing today’s pioneers in contemporary fashion.