Bouchra Benhalima, is a 27-year old Art Director of Digital Art and Lifestyle at Boubouteatime. Currently Living in Paris, Bouchra travels around the world in search of inspiration.
Occupation: Visual Artist, Designer Founder & Art Director of Boubouteatime Art and Lifestyle Label, and casual / chic brand Museast (

Tell us about your journey into art and design.
Born in Algeria, I grew up in Paris and have practically fallen into art since the age of 4 years old. I attended Esmod School of Fashion in Paris then I continued onto the London College of Fashion where I last graduated. Throughout my journey, I have had the chance to discover various cultures: my mother grew up in Marrakesh, Morocco and I traveled a lot with my parents, exploring countries all around the world, these enriching journeys unveiled a growing interest in foreign customs and lifestyle. This has also strengthened my wish to create my own label and share my vision of art especially after my trip to London. The great London of rock n’ roll, ethnical meltingpot inspirations, and holy teatime and Boubouteatime was born.

Your journey started with a blog back in 2009 – tell us in your own words how the progress has been for you from blog to launching a lifestyle shop online.
I started Boubouteatime four years ago for the pleasure of running a web paper about art and because I wanted to share my collage works in daily articles. When I started my blog, I wanted to add my personal touch but I didn’t want to appear in any images. I decided I would act like a style department and share my daily inspiration with others people in the form of collages. Finally, three years and a half later, I launched the brand itself.

Your blog started off uniquely with bringing together inspiration
points through collages – how do you feel these collages inspire your Museast collection?

My work is mostly about digital art. It is based on my daily inspiration, as well as those coming from my travels, tributes to emblematic figures or new stories such as the Arab spring, but in a dreamlike and poetic way. In my work I like to leave room for people’s imagination. My digital collages are my means of expression. Museast is Boubouteatime’s fashion branch. Museast is the incarnation of a modern woman: universal, feminine, bold, and playful.

How would you describe your aesthetic as a blogger and would you consider it the same aesthetic as with your shop Museast?
From aesthetic point of view, I do not make a difference between Boubouteatime and Museast since the shop is the materialisation of my tastes and my art reflections.

How did you come up with the name for your online shop?
Boubouteatime, the name of my blog, comes from “boubou”, which has been my nickname since I was little. The “teatime” part comes from my parents who taught me the Arabian tea culture. I was always particularly struck by the strong sense of sharing ideas experiences and everything else around teatime.
I try to make my blog like a teatime, where the reader can chill out and take time to read my long posts that lead to the actual art and lifestyle brand.
Museast, on the other hand, is made up of three words: muse, seas, and East. There is no creation without a muse, seas symbolize my trips, and the East is my origin and destination.