Meet Jawaher Al Sudairy, the second in a personality-filled family of five children, a previous consultant, a current graduate student at the prestigious Columbia University studying Urban Policy and Planning, and film producer.

Al Sudairy credits her mother and cites her as the biggest influence, introducing her and her siblings to different forms of art and expression from photography to music and theater. While Jawaher dabbled in filmmaking and theater at college, she was always attracted to story telling, “My preference was always for writing. When I watch films, I am mostly drawn to the story telling, how the dialogues are composed and the characters are developed. Even when I started to experiment with filmmaking and theater I thought I would ultimately become a screenwriter, but did not imagine that I would become the executor.”

Yet, this year Al Sudairy’s debut into the film world comes in the shape of co-producer of ‘Eastern Winds’, a unique dance documentary combining and merging modern dance, aerial silk performances and circus arts to offer a visual expression of political upheaval. The documentary, which was co-produced with Timo von Gunten, took place in New York and filmed in less than a week.

“The Arab Spring, to my mind, was incredible theater. It gave us no choice but to be an audience to such a euphoric series of political performances. I do not mean to simplify or glamorize these events. I think we can all appreciate that their implications are very complicated and will not be resolved as quickly as they happened. But to be a witness to it was definitely mesmerizing,” answers Al Sudairy when asked what inspired her to pursue such a unique documentary.

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