“Art – to me – is a medium to express important messages in life. I hope to be able to discuss through my art social and economic issues as well as some of society’s misguided behaviors. And sometimes I create art because it is fun.”

Born in Saudi Arabia’s Khamis Mushait in 1976, Ibrahim Abumsmar fell in love with the sport of swimming and quickly became an accomplished athlete competing both on a local and international level. His journey through the world of sport saw him winning several medals and becoming a national swimming champion in his early teens.
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Looking back at his childhood, Abumsmar reminisces on his love for the arts, “my passion for the water matched my love for colors in their endless spectrum. That coupled with my constant thirst to unveil life’s many secrets led me to the field of art. For a brief part of my life, I stopped practicing
both art and swimming as it was considered to be a waste of time socially but that just fueled my inner yearning to practice and to defy the social norm. And here I am today, practicing my passion for the arts through stories I’ve lived through during my childhood up till this day.”

With his renewed dedication to the arts, Abumsmar undertook several courses in oil painting, portraiture, design, sculpture, photography, Arabic calligraphy and even interior architecture at Al Meftaha Art Village in Abha and later at Helwan University in Cairo. Abumsmar credits HRH Prince Khalid AlFaisal, who founded Al Meftaha Art Village, for his success, recalling Prince Khalid’s words to him: “I want to see you succeed on an international level my son.”

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