Judging by her appearance, Bethany Kehdy’s idea of a power breakfast would be three seedless grapes and a piece of unbuttered toast. While she may look like a supermodel, Kehdy does not advocate the eating habits of one. In fact, most of her waking hours are wrapped around food – blogging about it, cooking it before a live audience, crafting fresh recipes for indulging in it and of course sinking her teeth into it.

Kehdy is a Lebanese-American foodista who is on the up and up. She has garnered international acclaim for her Middle Eastern food blog, Dirty Kitchen Secrets, which she launched in 2008 upon her arrival in the UK after having traveled, worked and lived in Miami, Montreal, Houston and Nice, among others. Having grown up in a mountainous retreat in Lebanon watching her nuclear and extended family members making wholesome local and regional dishes, Kehdy has been bringing to her blog her childhood memories of traditional Middle Eastern cuisine.

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