Imagine. “Nothing to kill or die for. All the people living life in peace.” The legendary Lennon’s words live on as believers adopt Lennonism in their daily lives. Salman Ahmad follows that example. He fights to be the agent of change desired to change the world. Salman is an oxymoronic component to most, an element hard to decipher, beyond common comprehension. A mix of politics, religion (as a way of life), immersed in rock and roll, reflects his undying spirit.

Historically, only those who have dared to be different have brought along an endearing gift to life. Steering life by imagination, he believes, like Rumi, that ‘what you seek, is seeking you’. The visionary artist is remembered for his profound thought provoking lyrics. In the famous line from his song ‘Sayonee’, he valiantly asked the world, “Kya bashar ki bisat?”- What really is a man’s worth? Tired of all the man-made mayhem and refusal to co-exist in peace, he reminds humanity that time is of the essence. Because even though we are here today, tomorrow is never a guarantee- “Aaj hai kal nahin”. Through his music, Sal-man brings together people who share the dream of Lennon and rock lovers who long to climb the stairway to heaven like Led Zeppelin.

A responsible global citizen, who relentlessly tries to bridge the gap between India and Pakistan, is also the UN Goodwill Ambassador for HIV. Salman Ahmad has so much attached to him. He published an autobiography titled “Rock & Roll Jihad: A Muslim Rock Star’s Revolution” in January 2010 which struck power chords with nations across the world. The celebrated rock star is part of the iconic and longestlasting Pakistani band ‘Junoon’ and is currently working on his first Bollywood film, Rhythm. Meanwhile, he teaches music at Queens University. For he is convinced that, “Music is a divine force that can bring people together in harmony.” And in this quest he aspires to create the music of unity, love and passion.

So what does it take to be Salman Ahmad?

We asked the man himself…

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