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Arabic Typography

The Arab world is made up of 19 countries spread over two continents. The main thing that joins us together is the Arabic language and hence the importance of design play, Arabic typography, and calligraphy... “The Arab world is made up of 19 coun- tries spread over two continents.The main thing that joins us is the Arabic language and hence[...]

THIS Toothbrush | Leen Sadder

Oasis sat down with entrepreneur Leen Sadder in the Big Apple as she revealed just how she sunk her teeth into the business of cleaning dirty mouths. Leen Sadder is an accidental Tooth Cleaning Fairy. Flashing a healthy, pearly-white smile, she gently waves a teeth-cleaning stick called “the miswak” near her mouth, as she confidently demonstrates how her ci[...]

Creativity and Iconophobia

I decided to write this article to explore the relationship between ‘creativity’ and artistic expression and iconoclasm. There is a bit of a story behind linking these ideas together and examining them against each other. I was once invited to be interviewed as an Islamic art historian by British MP Boris Johnson who was visiting Damascus a couple of years a[...]