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Hot & Heavy | Rapid Manufacturing Gathers Steam at theBakery

“You come to Mar Mikhael, you go up Gholam Stairs, from there you take your left and keep going straight,” says Guillaume Crédoz, effortlessly guiding me to the location of the recently open research and manufacturing lab theBAKERY. It was strange taking directions from a Frenchman in my own hometown. But he seemed to know every nook and cranny in that East [...]

THIS Toothbrush | Leen Sadder

Oasis sat down with entrepreneur Leen Sadder in the Big Apple as she revealed just how she sunk her teeth into the business of cleaning dirty mouths. Leen Sadder is an accidental Tooth Cleaning Fairy. Flashing a healthy, pearly-white smile, she gently waves a teeth-cleaning stick called “the miswak” near her mouth, as she confidently demonstrates how her ci[...]