The influx of fashion designers to the regional market continues to reach dramatic new heights. While a lot manage to make the cut, another lot do not – not due to lack of talent but oftentimes because they fail to present any competitive edge over their peers. Few designers have mastered the art of competitive edge – and cutting edge – like Milia Maroun has, boldly going against the grain at a time when the haute couture mania was sweeping across the Middle East.

The Paris schooled, Beirut born Maroun led the charge in ready-to-wear clothing, launching her eponymous label Milia M in 2000.


Free spirited, intelligent and understated, the brand flaunted accessibility, comfort and feminine confidence over the prevalent “fashion is pain” attitude, ushering a new wave of female empowerment to the individual, sophisticated and contemporary woman. With her signature androgynous cuts, fluid silhouettes and smart details, Maroun has altered outlooks on both women’s wear and the female body in the region.

Thirteen plus years after hitting the fashion scene, much has changed and much has remained the same at Milia M. The brand has amassed a global client base, has participated in international fashion weeks and has garnered massive media attention. Yet avant-garde elegance and edgy functionality remain unwavering qualities in every collection Maroun comes out with.

Maroun today embarks on a new chapter in her career and her life, setting out to establish her London studio just as she experiences the joys of motherhood for the first time. The designer takes a moment out of her especially busy schedule to answer our who, what, where, why, when…