Oasis travels to New York for the launch of three new captivating scents…

“I wanted to create something beautiful. Once you become captivated by a scent, it will remind you of and take you to places that you have been before: you may not quite know where, but you know it’s a place of calm and pleasure.” — Alexa Rodulfo

This winter, Alexa Rodulfo introduced Bois Blanc, Bois Sauvage, and Bois D’amour, three luxurious scented candles, to an audience of New York’s A-listers. The evening was hosted by Ivanka Trump at her New York jewelry boutique. White roses and delicious macaroons added to the aromatic ambiance of the evening. The new candles were displayed all around. Rodulfo described Bois Blanc as a scent “inspired by the smell of historical churches and the sweet mix of spices used in incense, woods, resins and candles.” Bois Sauvage is the scent inspired by the exotic, sophisticated, and unforgettable moments; it’s the smell of tobacco and wooden libraries. The “intense, sensual, and completely intoxicating” scent is Bois D’amour, enveloping you like “the smell of fresh cut grass, mixed with the rich and warm aroma of wood-burning fireplaces.” Delicious. The candles are mixed and poured into hand-etched French glass in Grasse, the town in Southern France best known for its perfume-making since the 18th century.

Alexa Rodulfo’s Candles

Available exclusively at D’NA, Riyadh

Soon to be available in select stores across the region.