Manousheh, a Lebanese bakery aiming to enlighten and delight customers by serving traditional flatbreads, is the dream child of Ziyad Hermez.

Ziyad Hermez moved to New York to pursue a tech-based career path, however his goals changed after embarking on a culinary journey to bake the perfect authentic Lebanese manousheh.

After 10 years of cravings and fruitless searches for a tasty and authentic manousheh in NewYork, a friend encouraged Hermez to bake his own. Intrigued by that thought, Hermez returned to his native Lebanon, that summer, where he discovered his passion for baking flatbreads.

With the help of Barbara Massad (author of Man’oushé, a book Hermez purchased as part of his learning process), he spent months interning at Lebanese bakeries learning the basics of making mnaeesh from scratch. This entire experience was incredibly rewarding. Recreating that experience in NYC became Hermez’s main goal. He wished to provide people with an authentic experience; those that have never been to Lebanon would leave the restaurant wanting to travel and taste more, and those who already know the tastes of Beirut would feel transported back to the Mediterranean city.

Ziyad Hermez

Ziyad Hermez

Manousheh began as a pop-up in Nolita in September of 2013. Manousheh is currently at Smorgasburg Jr. in Park Slope, Brooklyn on Saturdays and Sundays (until the end of November). permanent location will open this fall in the West Village.